Blending brushes, how I LOVE them!

I needed to make a masculine birthday card for my cousin. I had just received my long-awaited blending brushes and was eager to try them. I'd watch several videos and was now ready to try my hand at the technique.

The brushes arrive three to a package. The bristles are so fine that they feel more like a plush blanket than a brush. They are washable and therefore reusable, so they are a good value.

The best way to use these blending brushes is to start with grid/scrap paper over your work surface. This step is NOT optional! Do not use newspaper, though, as the ink will transfer to your brushes and project.

I chose to make an outdoors scene with a tree and a relaxing man. I started my blending with the sky. Start with the lightest color first. Load the blending brush with ink, then tap some off on the grid paper. Then, starting with small circular motions on the grid paper, continue onto the whisper/basic white you are using to create your background. Remember, you can always add more ink but you can't take it away. Each time you re-ink the brush, tap off on the grid paper, and start making small circular motions on the grid paper, gradually moving onto the cardstock. Repeat this step until you reach the desired color(s).

So here is my end result. I'm pretty happy considering it is my first attempt at blending colors with the Stampin'Up! blending brushes.

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